London’s reputation as a centre of sartorial excellence and exquisite craftsmanship spans centuries, and Longmire’s cufflink collections reflect and honour this proud tradition since the company’s foundation in 1979.

Classic creativity springs from a unique heritage, and from London’s prestigious St James’s to the world this truly innovative and distinctive cufflink brand aesthetically elevates the classic city look to enviable levels of tailored elegance.


Meet the Longmire Ladybird - a much loved signature design created by company founder Paul Longmire. Each cufflink is precision hand-painted and enamelled - a mini-masterpiece in itself. With its solid gold chain connectors, our luxurious ladybirds are as functional as they are artistic. Connecting cool tailoring with the rich colours and textures of the natural world, this is a timeless and tasteful treasure that will make you smile each time you wear it. The ultimate collectible.

Smart. Elegant. Precious. Tailoring comes alive with Longmire’s clever use of precious stones, enamelling and traditional cufflink designs. The company’s classic and ultra-modern designs are individual works of art, as stylistically diverse as the company’s global clientele.

“The connoisseurs that collect Longmire cufflinks have always wanted the best, but equally enjoy distinctive touches that reflect their look and standing. A fun yet discreet way to express yourself, a man’s personality really does shine through in the cufflinks that he wears, so superior quality and engaging designs really matter,” Rupert Longmire, son of the brand’s founder Paul Longmire explains.



These 18k gold classic link cufflinks make a style statement when combined with formal wear, blazers and classic city styling. Precision engraved with fine detailing, with a full spectrum of hand-layered, translucent coloured enamels, these cufflinks are the perfect men’s collectible jewellery. Each with the Longmire signature weave design, these kiln-fired cufflinks offer a flawlessly distinctive finish. Combined with four matching studs, our enamelled classic cufflinks can be elevated for formal dress usage.

Working with the world’s most talented jewellers since the late 70s, Longmire’s exceptional men’s cufflink collections suit every taste - from traditional monogrammed linked styles to ornate innovative cufflinks in precious metal settings, skillfully embellished with rare gemstones.

“Longmire London’s reputation as a purveyor and curator of unique and genuinely exclusive cufflink collections is well deserved,” Michael Coulthurst, Sales Director explains. “Designed to bring classic tailoring and contemporary men’s styling to life, the company’s worldwide clients have accrued wonderful cufflinks from our collections over these past decades.”



Each set of Longmire’s cabochon gemstone cufflinks is totally unique. Where nature meets the magic of craftsmanship - sapphires, rubies, and other precious stones are cut to a smooth dome and expertly set in gold and platinum by our master craftspeople. Millions of years in the making, our rare gemstone cufflinks are yours to treasure, forever. Tactile luxury meets tailored chic with Longmire.

Longmire’s select ateliers craft the finest cufflinks in the world. Producing incredible limited edition cufflinks for passionate collectors, we understand and meet the desires of discerning individuals, and create collections for all to enjoy. We know our customers, and understand their styles and personal tastes. With timeless collections being passed from father to son or daughter, our cufflinks have already become a part of many family legacies.

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For advice on your cufflink selection, or to discuss any of our fine cufflink collections, please contact Michael Coulthurst, Sales Director: or +44 (0)20 7930 8720.  

*Shipping worldwide at no charge

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For advice on your cufflink selection, or to discuss any of our fine cufflink collections, please contact Michael Coulthurst, Sales Director: or +44 (0)20 7930 8720.

*Shipping worldwide at no charge