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Luxurious, handcrafted, Longmire character cufflinks. Longmire is an independent British jeweller specialising in cufflinks of exceptional quality and timeless style. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching flair or understated elegance, our collection of exquisite cufflinks offers designs from traditional to modern, sophisticated to simple but always individual.


Longmire of St James's

Longmire is an independent British jeweller specialising exclusively in cufflinks of exceptional quality and timeless style. Longmire’s portfolio is filled with a wide variety of luxury cufflinks, all unique and guaranteed to catch the eye. Longmire focus on contemporary, classic and bespoke pieces that depending on the individual design may be enamelled, plain, jewelled, hand-carved or hand-engraved. Over the years we have forged excellent working relationships with a number of incredibly talented designers and highly skilled craftsmen, satisfied only with using the finest materials to create pieces that make our collection so sought after the world over.

With a trading history of over 4 decades, nobody understands the cufflink business better than Longmire. Our online store is easy to navigate and each product benefits from a detailed description with high-resolution images, providing a clear indication of what each cufflink looks like. We will ensure that purchasing a pair of Longmire cufflinks to add to your collection will be a smooth and swift process. Longmire regularly send orders across the globe and client satisfaction is our number one priority.

Contact our Sales Director, Michael Coulthurst on (+44) 020 7930 8720 or email him at mc@longmire.co.uk

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