Lapis lazuli – literally, ‘stone from heaven’, is a remarkable semi-precious, deep blue coloured stone mined in a solitary hamlet in the north-east of Afghanistan. Often used in all manner of precious pieces from objets d’art, historic paintings, and medieval scripts to the making of jewellery. At its peak, the pigment climbed to 100 times more than that of others semi-precious stones – even surpassing the worth of gold.

At Longmire, we use lapis lazuli as a decorative component, bringing the vibrant colour blue together with its elegant surface to – principally – 18ct white gold settings.

After selecting superior quality lapis, the stones are cut by our master craftsmen and modelled into the required design – most often circular, oval or square – and fit into a precious metal cufflink setting. 

However, the Longmire lapis collection enjoys a wider variety of settings:  including our classic car 18ct cufflinks and for example, and our enormously popular stirrup cufflinks. And, by no means least – our unique eagle head. All, truly outstanding pieces. 

Once secure within the settings, our cufflinks are finished to a fine smooth, polished appearance, resulting in exceptional, elegant, and durable pieces which add a hint of sophisticated style and elegance to any occasion. 

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