Elegantly enamelled initials, crests and custom designs

"King of custom cufflinks" New York Times

Longmire specialise in bespoke, handmade cufflinks featuring initials, a family crest, custom design, perhaps company logo or beloved pet.

Using only the very finest traditional materials, Longmire employ the highest quality workmanship to create cufflinks that are elegant, beautiful and durable - lasting for generations. 

The enamelling procedure for initials begins with a sketch from which, once approved, we will produce a die which will be a ‘mirror image’ of the approved design.  A flat, plain gold, oval plate is then placed on the die and a drop stamp is used to force the plate into the initial die (this force being equivalent to the landing of about 7 fully grown elephants...!). An ‘initial’ cufflink plate has now been created. This process is repeated three times to end up with the four plates we need to make up a pair of cufflinks.

Next the plates are vitreous enamelled in your chosen colour, which involves the powdered glass of the enamel being applied to the cufflink plates by hand. The plates are then fired in a kiln to a temperature of between 800-900 degrees Celsius, this fuses the enamel to the surface of the plate. Once cooled the plates are polished, by hand, and the enamel takes on a smooth and glassy appearance which is very durable.

The four plates are then linked together, soldering 5 links of curb chain per half pair. The polisher then goes to work, hand polishing the plates into a beautiful pair of highly polished cufflinks. 

Custom Initials

Luxury Heavyweight

You may wish to choose our most admired option of the entwined font or perhaps opt for the simpler Times Roman script.  Initials are more often than not, selected in gold placed on an enamel background but, could instead, be enamel on a polished plain gold background for clean, simple look.

Our custom enamel cufflinks come complete with a crisply detailed and ornate border to frame the design. The added weight of the cufflink plates in our Luxury Heavyweight collection, provides a more substantial feel, emphasising their luxury and craftsmanship.

Our most popular background is the sunburst pattern. A slightly convex profile allows the light to reflect back from the interior, providing added lustre and depth.

Select from either 18-carat yellow, rose or white gold.

Standard Weight

Our standard, custom initial cufflinks are a more modest version of the luxury heavyweight cufflinks.

Their border is minimalistic and the plates lighter, affording a more understated appearance. Once again, these are available to you in either 18-carat yellow, rose or white gold.

Crests and other designs

We use an entirely different process for our hand painted cufflinks. The chosen design is engraved onto the cufflink plate and then recessed. Into the recess the design is then hand painted. Once complete the cufflink plate is kiln fired, allowed to cool and a protective glaze is then applied over the top. Finally, this glaze is polished flush to the surface of the plate – the finishing touch to a splendid pair of cufflinks.

We aim to fulfil enamelling commissions within 10-12 weeks of receipt of order.

Click here to share with us your thoughts and ideas; we will be delighted to provide you with a tailored quote.

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For advice on your cufflink selection, or to discuss any of our fine cufflink collections, please contact Michael Coulthurst, Sales Director: mc@longmire.co.uk or +44 (0)20 7930 8720.

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