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Longmire is an independent British cufflink brand born in St. James’s, London in 1979. We specialise in unique cufflinks, and our clientele include some of the best dressed men in the world.

"Sooner or later, the dedicated cufflink buff will find Longmire... It is the epitome of understated St. James's class."
The Sunday Times

Longmire London offers the largest and most diverse collection of original cufflinks in the world. Their range of styles, shapes and gemstone-encrusted collections are unrivalled - a truly extraordinary showcase of creativity, character, colour and craftsmanship.

"As wardrobes and fashions change, our collections continue to resonate with global customer desires. Balancing cutting-edge design and traditional timeless elegance, our fine cufflinks add the perfect finishing touch to tailored and modern looks alike."
Michael Coulthurst, Sales Director, Longmire London

Jeweller's History

When Paul Longmire was wandering through St. James's in late 70s London, an exquisite tie pin caught his eye in the window of a long-established jeweller and silversmith. Less than an hour later he came out of the store, not only the owner of the tie pin, but the store itself.

Paul had followed in his family's tradition as a successful antique dealer and interior designer, but he had always had a passion for jewellery.

Seeing his opportunity for a late career change he reopened the jewellery store with his wife Eleanor under his own name, and established Longmire as a brand offering antique jewellery.

They originally displayed only a few pairs of personal cufflinks, but soon found they had a natural affinity for the cufflinks designs and the materials that their customers loved. This led to them going wholeheartedly down that route, establishing Longmire as the world’s leading name for cufflinks of exceptional quality.

With over four decades of experience, Longmire remains a family-owned enterprise to this day.

Longmire - The London Look

Over time business grew and the company’s retail presence expanded. The brand has had shops in some of London's most fashionable streets. Opposite Harrods in 1999, on Sloane Street in 2002, and from 2004 to 2013 on New Bond Street.

Its biggest and last was on the iconic Jermyn Street - a centre of excellence in tailoring for men - just around the corner from the original shop.

Internet Innovators

The recent global health emergency changed London’s fashion footprint forever, and Longmire closed its last London physical premises in 2020. But, as with many brands, the company has seen remarkable local and global business through its internet retail store*. Innovators through-and-through, Longmire London has had a digital presence since 1999.

Contact Us

For advice on your cufflink selection, or to discuss any of our fine cufflink collections, please contact Michael Coulthurst, Sales Director: mc@longmire.co.uk or +44 (0)20 7930 8720.

*Shipping worldwide at no charge

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