Choosing the perfect gift for big corporate events or important birthdays and celebrations in the office can be an arduous task, dictated by multiple factors such as desired impact, personalities and tastes of those involved and budget.

The idea of corporate gifts

There are many occasions in the corporate world that call for marking with a gift, from birthdays to Christmases, from deal closures to client outreach, anniversaries to retirements. The stamp of corporate gift you choose to bestow is a reflection of the stamp of your company and can often lead to the formation of strong working relationships or better intra-company morale.

One thing remains constant, no matter the occasion, the recipient or the budget – you want your gift to make an impact. Step forward the cufflink.

Why cufflinks make the perfect corporate gift

Everybody loves precious metals

Cufflinks of any quality are made from precious metals, whether classic 9 or 18k gold, white or rose gold, platinum or silver. This is almost universally appreciated as a stamp of quality when it comes to gift-giving.

They can be engraved

Cufflinks are perfect candidates for a corporate gift that is commemorating a specific event or even showing the company logo as they can be hand engraved to order, as we do for many of our customers at Longmire. Cufflinks can be ordered to suit all budgets and tastes, with beautiful enamelling an option. Our hand enamelled cufflinks can feature a company logo, or the initials of the recipients, helping to ensure that Longmire’s corporate cufflinks will be the talk of many a board room.

All tastes can be catered for

The vast array of different cufflink designs that can be purchased in different colour metals makes for a highly versatile corporate gift. Granted, most corporate cufflinks will be relatively simple in design, allowing for bespoke customisation in the form of engraving, but sometimes an extra special occasion necessitates a little thinking outside the box in order to meet the specific tastes of a recipient or really go the extra mile to impress. Cufflinks, once again provide the answer. 

The perfect size

When it comes to an ideal corporate gift, there are many factors that come into play, but size is one of the most significant. If you are handing out gifts to people at an event or meeting, the last thing you want is for people to feel awkward carrying around bulky items and not quite knowing what to do with them. A pair of cufflinks can either be worn straight away or slipped neatly into a jacket pocket. This is just one reason why cufflinks make for an ideal gift.

Brand awareness

Giving out cufflinks with your own logo on to favoured clients can be a great way to spread a bit of brand awareness along with the loyalty such gifts can bring. With people wearing beautifully enamelled and engraved cufflinks bearing your logo you may get some unexpected business on top of the other benefits of successful corporate gifting.

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