Engraved by hand and entirely customisable, a pair of Longmire bespoke cufflinks makes for a gift as unique as they are. Revive a family crest, reference a beloved pet, or include another personal touch – the choice is yours.

Whether commissioned to mark a milestone event such as a wedding or birthday, to celebrate a merger or promotion or simply as an expression of affection, our tailormade cufflinks are guaranteed to delight.

The beauty of bespoke jewellery is partly in the thought that goes into it, so it pays to take your time over the design. Think carefully about your recipient’s lifestyle and personal taste in order to create a gift they will truly treasure.


Choose your material

One of the first choices to be made is what type of gold to use. Options include:

18k yellow gold




A classic choice which will complement most designs and stand the test of time.

White gold

White gold is increasingly popular with younger generations and looks especially good against fair skin tones.

Rose gold

    Then there is rose gold, a blend, or alloy, of 24k yellow gold, copper, and silver. Fashionable and more unusual, it’s a great choice for those that like to stand out.


    Classic, cool and understated, silver is another popular option for cufflinks. It’s a more affordable alternative to gold too, making custom cufflinks a tangible luxury.


    Standard weight or luxury heavyweight?

    Our standard weight cufflinks offer the high quality and craftsmanship our customers have come to expect from Longmire and make the perfect base for adding your choice of initials or design. But for a special anniversary or milestone we always recommend upgrading to cufflinks from our Luxury Heavyweight collection. Their added weight elegantly underlines their luxury and quality and makes for a very special gift.


    A design created just for you

    Our craftspeople pride themselves on their beautiful, intricate workmanship. Whether you choose our standard weight cufflinks engraved with a custom initial or a full hand-enamelled bespoke design, you can be confident of immaculate results.

    Since everything we make is bespoke, the only limitation is your own imagination. Choose the exact colours of your company’s logo or bring us an example of handwriting you want us to recreate.


    Check your timeframe

    We make each and every pair of cufflinks by hand to the design you specify. We aim to fulfil engraving commissions within 2-3 weeks of the order being received. Allow between 10-12 weeks for more complex enamelling commissions.


    The fine details

    Once you are satisfied with your design, the only thing left is to finalise the finishing details. With so many personalisation options to choose from don’t forget to specify details such as whether you prefer a chain or T-bar fastening for your cufflinks. Chain links are considered the most elegant so are a great choice for a classic design but a T-bar is a practical, solid option that costs a little less too.

    Would you like to begin creating your own bespoke cufflinks? Contact one of our friendly, experienced team to find out how we can help you to create a truly special piece of jewellery.

    Contact Us

    For advice on your cufflink selection, or to discuss any of our fine cufflink collections, please contact Michael Coulthurst, Sales Director: mc@longmire.co.uk or +44 (0)20 7930 8720.

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