A Guide to Buying Bespoke Cufflinks

A Guide to Buying Bespoke Cufflinks

It’s not for nothing that the New York Times described Longmire as the “king of custom cufflinks.” Longmire have many years of experience when it comes to fulfilling orders of bespoke cufflinks to a vast range of specifications, leaving customers delighted with the results, whether they are for corporate gifts, intimate presents or to proudly display the family crest.


Bespoke cufflinks are perfect for commemorating momentous occasions, like promotions, mergers, and team-building weekends, stag dos, special birthdays or Christmas presents. Longmire offer a highly customisable bespoke cufflink service that allows for great flexibility and distinctive designs that will end up being completely original pieces to be treasured. With the wide range of options that can be reviewed, it makes sense to have a plan before deciding on your final design and specifications.  This article looks to offer some advice on what to consider before taking the plunge with your order for bespoke cufflinks.



Sad as it may be, money does come into consideration when weighing up your options. Obviously if you choose a higher karat of gold you will pay more. Longmire offer bespoke cufflinks in either 9 or 18k gold. For the simpler design in solid precious metal with engraved initials or crests, there is also the option of silver, which will bring down the cost considerably, which makes the idea of bespoke cufflinks more accessible to some. For a large order of corporate cufflinks you may decide 9k is the way to go, while the 18k option will make for an extra special gift.

Thinking outside the box

While the options listed on our website make special reference to initials, family crests and corporate logos, think of these as the most popular choices. There is, of course room for flexibility and inspiration. You may want to commemorate a particular date (birthday, anniversary, retirement or wedding), by getting that engraved on the cufflinks or, if it is to be a gift for father’s day, maybe the initials of one child on one cufflink and the second child on the other. As long as the text can be kept very concise there should be no problem accommodating your needs. One popular idea is to send across an image of your own handwriting and our specialist engraver will replicate this on the cufflinks.

Which gold colour suits the recipient?

When it comes to gold these days people often fall very squarely into two camps: the ‘contemporary’ white gold camp and the more ‘classical’ yellow or rose gold camp. You want to make sure you go down the right road before finalising your decision if the bespoke cufflinks are for a gift – do some subtle detective work prior to deciding!

Choose a favourite colour for the enamel

One of the beautiful things about Longmire bespoke cufflinks is that there is the option of choosing an enamelled design. The Longmire team will be delighted to field your enquiry as to the colour options available for each design. Then it’s up to you to decide on the most appropriate colour for the purpose.

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