By now we’re all getting used to the idea of having our meetings online via Zoom or Team Meetings, but the temptation to dress down is also setting in like overcooked banana bread. Of course, sit in the right position and nobody will have to know what you are wearing on your lower half, but one false move could prove fatal, so our advice is to dress accordingly.

Of course a degree of relaxation should be expected, so nobody will blame you for forgoing the tie for your Zoom meeting. Some have even speculated that these long lockdowns may have changed the way we dress in the long term and if so, the tie could be one accoutrement whose days are numbered, but that’s a tale for another day.

So, we’ve established that the tie can go, but how else do we stand out and prove we’re making an effort to impress? The cufflink of course! A double cuff (French cuff) shirt is the ultimate in formal style, but can be perfectly comfortable at the same time and some would argue can actually look better sans the neckwear.

One accessory that a double cuff shirt should never be without is the cufflink. In fact Zoom and Team Meetings provide the ideal opportunity to wear them, catching the eye of your fellow attendees as you use those hand gestures to drive home your point with the confidence only a cuff-linked shirt can bring. Regular Zoom meetings provide you with the chance to run through your cuff link collection and this can even prove a nice little ice breaker should there be any underlying tension in your Zoom world. Everybody knows by now that these are extraordinary times, but sometimes a bit of decorum and finesse really helps take the edge off.

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