Diamonds may be ‘a girl’s best friend’ but plenty of men are equally entranced by the intoxicating beauty and power that a diamond offers. There is nothing quite as eye-catching as a fine diamond twinkling from whoever is wearing it. It is quite the statement. For men, however it can be a little trickier to find the right piece of jewellery for it. If you wear an earring, the likes of David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton have shown that a single diamond stud can be extremely effective, but that idea instantly wipes out a large percentage of the male population. Step forward the cufflink.

Cufflinks can be worn by any man. They don’t require any piercings or a preference for other jewellery. If you wear a smart shirt then you can wear cufflinks. This makes the cufflink a perfect way for men to wear diamonds and they look absolutely stunning too. The dazzling sophistication and charm of a diamond encrusted cufflink, perhaps even offset by a diamond studded tie tack, is something to behold.

There are many different ways that diamonds are integrated into cufflinks, which will suit all occasions and tastes. You can have a large, central diamond, with smaller diamonds around it, which will give you the complete package for the ultimate showpiece or you may opt for a small diamond in the centre of, or offset on a plainer, more minimalist precious metal surround, which works perfectly on a fine pair of 18k gold cufflinks. If you prefer silver cufflinks, you could opt for platinum or white gold for an appropriate backing for the diamond. There are some fantastic themed cufflinks that are blessed with diamonds, such as these stunning starfish numbers for marine-life lovers. As you can see, the 18k white gold starfishes are encrusted with black diamonds, creating a truly intoxicating effect and a certain conversation piece.

diamond cufflinks

The versatility of the diamond cufflink is part of its grand appeal. Whether you are dressing to impress in a business environment, going out for dinner with someone special or at a cocktail party (remember those?) you are sure to make a strong impression with a shirt finished off with a pair of sparkling diamond cufflinks

In addition to their versatility they are also compact and lightweight, making them – with the relevant insurance and tracked shipping – a perfect candidate for a socially distanced, online-ordered gift. If you can’t see your father this Christmas and want that extra special present to be shipped to their home – there can be few more dazzling surprises than a pair of diamond cufflinks. To be on the safe side, it can be best to go for cufflinks that have diamonds as an accent, especially when buying for gifts, rather than a big, in your face diamond – unless you are confident that the recipient will appreciate a statement piece.

It is clear that cufflinks represent one of the most striking and yet simple ways for men to take advantage of the immense appeal and intoxicating beauty of nature’s magnificent purest carbon gemstone, the diamond.

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