Cufflinks are an item of jewellery which has evolved hand in hand with the formal shirt. The cufflink has been around for centuries in various forms but always with a key function in mind, to fasten a double cuff shirt.

Made from a variety of materials and with many different styles cufflinks can be as quiet or loud as the wearer feels. With so many different cufflink options it is easy to be overwhelmed by choice, with this guide we will step you through choosing the perfect pair of cufflinks for you, whether it’s your first pair or your twentieth.

What is the occasion?

The first question to ask is where and when will these cufflinks be worn? Are they for day to day in the office, an evening out, or maybe they’re for a celebration? While we firmly believe that one great pair of cufflinks are wearable in any situation we also believe in the right tool for the right job. You wouldn't wear your office shoes to your wedding so why do the same with your cufflinks?

Once we know the role the cufflinks will be filling we can then start to focus more on personal style. It's always a good idea to check out what watch and tie the person wears as these can give you a great insight into their taste.

A slim gold watch with a leather strap? Then look more towards the contemporary link.

Do they wear a bright patterned tie to the office? Aim for some vibrant enamels. A novelty bow tie out to dinner? Take a look at the more fun cufflinks.  

Everyday cufflinks

So firstly let's start with the most used cufflinks, your everyday work pairs.

Normally for a work cufflink we would recommend something easy to wear and versatile. You want to be able to pick them up in the morning knowing they are versatile and will work with most outfit choices.

• A classic plain oval with engraving. This is often the first pair of cufflinks someone will own and they are always a firm favourite.

With custom hand engraving you can create something incredibly personal that will be part of their collection for generations. With a choice of initials, family crests, or almost anything else these are an wonderfully tailored choice.

Engraved initials and family crests
We only engrave entirely by hand using the most skilled craftsmen, and as you can see from the photo, the results are exemplary.
We can engrave in any style, even your own handwriting for a uniquely personal gift.
Our engraved oval cufflinks are available in thick 18k yellow or white gold, 9k yellow gold and silver.
We also hand engrave family crests with the same high level of quality and attention to detail.
engraved cufflinks

• A simple blue enamel. Enamelled cufflinks are a traditional and timeless style. A speciality of Longmire since we started, a simple blue enamel is a staple of any collection. Sitting seamlessly on a blue or white cuff.

Our basket weave design cufflink is a classic best seller. A finely detailed frame surrounding rich translucent blue enamel applied to solid 18k white gold. The vitreous enamel is layered onto the cufflinks by hand and then fired in a kiln to ensure a faultless finish that is highly durable.
Blue hand enamelled basket weave cufflinks
18k white gold
Ideal with blazer or navy suit
Oval dimensions 19mm x 13mm
Chain connector
T bars available to order

• A plain contemporary design. A strong simple design will be at home in any office and a subtle but confident cufflink will always work.

A new take on the knot design this cufflink is a best seller due to its original design and ease to wear. Ideal for travelling it will sit well in any colour shirt. The solid iron is ceramic coated so will not mark the cuff.
Modelled knots in solid matt iron
Hard wearing black ceramic coating
Dimensions 30mm long 15mm across larger knot
Four matching studs are available to create a unique dress set please contact us to order
Also available in silver, bronze, steel, and 18k gold

Once you have your everyday cufflinks sorted then people start thinking about something for those more formal occasions. This is a time when you can express yourself a little bit more and really add that finishing touch to an outfit.
• Mother of pearl and onyx. These monochrome materials are classics when it comes to formal wear, simple but elegant. There are many designs that really showcase these stones.

This elegant cufflink has a fluted border designed to compliment your watch. Dark, rich Tahitian mother of pearl is set onto solid 18k rose gold and is the perfect combination of materials to create a sophisticated look.
Tahitian mother of pearl centred cufflinks
Fluted border
18k rose gold
Dimensions 18mm across
T bar

Tahitian mother of pearl cufflinks

• Diamonds. A simple diamond can say a lot, a flash of light on the cuff is often all you need to really make an impact.

This stunning piece combines materials with a contemporary twist together with a dazzling border of white diamonds to add sparkle to your evening wear. Set onto solid 18k white gold the onyx and mother of pearl work perfectly together to create a striking cufflink.
Elegant mother of pearl with onyx cufflinks
Diamond border
18k white gold
Dimensions 13mm x 17mm
T bar

• Colour. Sometimes a splash of colour can set off an otherwise plain suit. Our ladybird dress set has been a popular addition to many black-tie events for decades.

A Longmire signature piece our ladybird cufflinks are richly decorated with hand painted red and black enamel on hand engraved 18k yellow gold. It is very difficult to enamel on a curved surface. The shape of the bug and cufflink being the same works extremely well both in look and functionality. Four matching studs come with secure easy to use spring bar fittings to create a fantastic dress set that will impress!
Hand painted red and black enamel
Hand engraved 18k yellow gold
Dimensions 14mm x 18mm and 11mm x 14mm, depth 5mm
Chain connector links only, the smaller bug fits very easily through the cuff
Also available in white gold
Four matching shirt studs are available to create an elegant dress set

The cufflinks above are attractive and distinguished selections that work perfectly in a business or more formal occasion. Below we set out some of our most popular cufflinks that show a bit more personality and work beautifully for a more casual environment or an evening out.

• Cabochons. Large vibrant stones are always eye catching and impressive. They also provide a reassuring weight to your cuff.

Our cabochons are sourced from all over the world and we ensure they are of the highest quality. These exquisite tanzanite cabochons are mounted onto solid 18k white gold and have a hint of purple in the blue that gives a luxurious depth to the piece.
Tanzanite cabochon cufflinks
Set in 18k white gold
Dimensions 20mm x 17mm, 14mm depth
T bar

• Whimsical. An ideal way to let your cufflinks talk for you, a pair of themed cufflinks if you want to reveal a more playful side with something fun or a pair that says something unique about you.

Skilfully hand carved by our craftsmen these clownfish cufflinks are sure to create a splash. Cornelian and cachalong with an onyx eye they are mounted onto solid gold.
Hand carved clownfish cufflinks in cornelian and cachalong
Set in 18k yellow or white gold
Dimensions 30mm x 17mm, depth 5mm
T bar

• Gem set. With a rainbow of coloured gem stones available you can choice just the right stone to make you stand out.

Our iconic stirrup stirrup design is inspired by the Art Deco designs of the 1930s. Seen here the solid 18k white gold is set with calibre cut Ceylon sapphires making it the ultimate piece among the collection. It visibly wraps around the edge of the cuff the deep blue of the stones will set off any evening wear but could also be worn with a casual shirt and jeans at the weekend to really impress!
Iconic Longmire cufflink design
Calibre cut Ceylon sapphires
Solid 18k white gold

Sapphire stirrup cufflink image

These starting points give you a guide of the essential cufflinks to start a collection, but is in no way a set of rules. The only real key to choosing a pair of cufflinks is do you like them? If yes, then they are the cufflinks for you.
The staff at our London store can sit down with you and guide you through our collections helping to find just the right pair of cufflinks to fit your needs and your style.

Call in at our London showroom at anytime, 75a Jermyn Street, St. James's, London SW1Y 6NP or browse our other collections here

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